Brian M. Talgo

Wastrel, wanderer and general ne’r-do-well. Misfit expat, occasional artist, wannabe writer and budding photographer.
Me, clutching my current drug of choice.

Although I’ve been fascinated with photography since childhood, it's first after the arrival of the digital revolution that I took it up as a means of expressing myself creatively. My main focus is nature in all her munificent shapes and forms, from vast landscapes, to tiny wonders underfoot. However, anything that catches my eye risks getting pixelated. Oh, I'm rather fond of cats, too.
I sometimes use digital software (Photoshop and ACDSee) to manipulate my photos, turning them into more abstract or painterly pieces.  I don’t believe in constraints when producing an image; if it works, use it.
I live on the outskirts of Oslo, together with my wife, son, two belligerent cats and a miniature forest of plants. A daughter has wisely flown the coop. Most of the photos featured here were taken within a five kilometer radius of where I live.

If you see anything you like (or don’t like), feel free to let me know. Most of these photos are available in print form; just drop me a line if you're interested.

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Our two belligerent felines occupying my workspace



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